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Meet Michelle

My name is Michelle Homoky, my friends call me “Mitch”.

I was raised in Bucks County, PA with loving parents, 4 sisters and 1 brother. I am a Mom of 2 wonderful and smart young adults who are actively pursuing their passions.

The past 20+ years I have called South Florida home. I am passionate about philanthropy, wellness & beauty, fashion and of course travel! My approach to living a fulfilled life is to bring an aura of kindness, love, humility while being well balanced and approachable. I believe in today’s world, we need more female role models and I strive to be that to many!

2019 was an instrumental year, allow me to share. I moved my youngest daughter from our home in South Florida to begin her Freshman year of college in New York City. My son, completing a residency in sports physical therapy in Los Angeles, CA relocated to New York City, as well. Being an empty nester (which I am still getting use to!), I made the decision to downsize my home and move from my longtime community of Parkland to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

With these life transitions, I knew I still wanted to do more, share more, inspire more! I also celebrated a milestone birthday, having turned 60- years young, I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone and curate a personal brand; my goal is to share insight on building a fulfilling life, offer inspiration, provide guidance on handling life challenges and do so with grace and humility.

One of my life mottos is being ‘Forever Chic’. The dictionary defines this as “for all time, elegant and stylishly fashionable”. For me, Forever Chic is not a phrase, or a fashion statement, it is a way of life, a mentality. It is living the best possible life, mentally, spiritually and physically while always doing so with grace and elegance. Whether it be your skin care regimen, wellness, mindset, nutrition, who you surround yourself, all will define what type of lifestyle and future you are shaping for yourself.

Being Forever Chic is a conscience daily practice. These are the female role models that little girls look up to for inspiration. Those that have mastered this lifestyle are coined as “Timeless, Classic and Graceful”.

Just as I have always admired my role models who have brought me so much inspiration throughout my lifetime, such as my Mother and my company’s senior female executives and business colleagues, I strive to be that type of inspiration to younger women, while guiding them to create a Forever Chic way of life.

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